Landscapes and coastal environment

An important part of the process to create the new Tasman Environment Plan is identifying the District's special places and giving them extra protections to help preserve the uniqueness of the environment, the area’s history, or provide people with access to the outdoors.

Draft mapping of Tasman District's Outstanding Natural Landscapes, Outstanding Natural Features, and the Coastal Environment area is now complete and available for you to explore here.

This autumn, we are working with landowners and our communities to make sure that we have the boundaries in the right place and that the protective controls on activity are sensitive to future aspirations.

Get Involved

Online Q&A sign up

Register to join us in April for one of four live video presentations covering what the ONL, ONF, and CE areas mean and how you can get involved. Following the short presentations, our panel will answer questions from the audience.

Meet in person

We want to hear from landowners and affected parties about their future land aspirations and views on whether the boundaries outlined in the draft ONL, ONF, and CE maps are in the right place. We are committed to listening and working with our communities to get this right.

We're currently organising a number of events to gather feedback across the Tasman District from late May.

Details will be available soon.